Our History

    Our History

    This is the emotional journey and history of Lynda’s Transport as told by Lynda herself;

    Late September 1979, we had just sold our café in Elland, West Yorkshire, I was 32 years old and at a loose end. After being my own boss for such a long time I knew in my heart going back to being just an employee would be difficult.

    My father was a one man haulier, he owned a small pick up truck and a 7.5ton Bedford TK. I had a business plan for him, my idea was that through his knowledge and contacts he would ferry loads to Huddersfield, and I would distribute them on a pick-up. This would give him more time to go and transport larger hauls. We would transport for the horticultural industry, mainly servicing local authorities throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire.

    To my surprise and disappointment my father said no to the business proposal. I quote “if you want to do it, go out and buy a van and get going” and So I did. On the 16th October 1979 at 12 noon I was on my way to collect my first load, organised by my father.

    With only myself to answer to and the open road, what could go wrong? I quickly learned that it was not that easy, I couldn’t always rely on my dad for work, I needed to go out and find clients of my own.

    I put my name down with a clearing house business with which I knew through the days of the café. It would be a few weeks before they finally called me. I started off with some local collections, these were distributed onto larger vehicles that would travel all over the United Kingdom. Once again I was in love with my career!

    Not long after our son Colin left school and joined me at 15 as a van boy. As he wasn’t old enough to drive, he proved himself as the best navigator on the road. Just days after his 17th birthday he passed his driving test, he went on at 21 to gain his Class ONE driving licence and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

    Lynda's Transport
    Lynda's Transport
    Lynda's Transport
    Lynda's Transport

    My first van was soon upgraded to a Luton van, so that I could increase carrying capacity, but the excitement was short lived when the engine died. To my luck the clearing house company arranged a hire van whilst mine was in for an engine recondition.

    I got to the point that I was so fed up with taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back that I decided to pull into our local Ford Dealership, it was now or never. Thus the brand new yellow Ford Transit took to the roads and I haven’t looked back.

    My poor husband Donald was working all hours to support us as a family because he understood my love affair with the haulage business. I think from day one he hoped it was a ‘phase’ but it was actually a massive love in my life. Two years later, even though money was tight I decided to buy another van. I thought in my head that the clearing house business would keep it afloat but I was terribly wrong.

    Luck was soon on my side as an idea sprung to mind. After I left school I went into the textile industry, having been a mill worker for some years I decided to call some old contacts. I pitched them my idea, what my services were about and they liked the ideas and values I had to offer. One of my dear customers summed my fleet up as ‘an excellent service with a woman’s extra special touch’

    Donald went on to join Colin and I in the business, and now we were missing his wages. Thus was born LYNDAS TRANSPORT and we haven’t looked back.

    Today I sit and reflect on all the highs and lows we have experienced since 1979, how the business has grown into the fleet it is today and I feel proud. We still have many of the customers that believed in us from day one.

    I also reflect on how my father would feel so PROUD, sadly he passed away in 1990 while we were still establishing ourselves and never got to see what we had ahead of us.

    I also feel so proud of what we has achieved as a family business, without my understanding husband Donald and my Son Colin who, like me, has has a passion for the trade it may all have been a dream. Thank you both I could not have done it without you encouraging me every step of the journey.

    My thanks are also to all the staff who work tirelessly in good times and bad. I hope Lyndas transport will continue and who knows where it will go with our son Colin, daughter-in-law Nichole and grandson Scott behind the wheel of the ever growing family business.

    My final thanks go to our customers for their loyalty. All of them put their faith into a Woman in a Man’s World. Our services are still as amazing as they were from day one, we believe in continuing standards and passion for the trade.

    I know where I started and it all began with a small dream, until the end I will always be;

    Lynda of Lynda’s Transport.